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Free Georgia Arrest Records & Criminal Records Search
Access Georgia Records: background checks, warrants, probation and parole, court records, and all criminal and arrest records.

It’s never been easier to look at Georgia arrest records and criminal records through free methods or government databases because most public records are available for viewing thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

Simply search now, or use the guide below to determine who the record custodian, where the files are located, and the best way to obtain them.

In addition to showing searchers how to obtain criminal and arrest records, this resource will also reveal how to:

  • Reach an incarcerated inmate in Georgia and post bail
  • Check Georgia court records for criminal proceedings, marriage and divorce records, and outstanding arrest warrants
  • Navigate the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole site to find if someone is on probation or parole information
  • The most efficient way to seal and expunge records in Georgia
  • Find Georgia state prisoners and federal prisoners
  • Get a background check done on yourself or someone else — for personal or professional purposes.
  • Find, review, and understand Georgia public record laws to make sure businesses remain compliant in accordance with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

No matter what you are looking for, this resource is determined to help anyone navigate the complexities of public records in order to find the information they seek.

Accessibility of Criminal & Arrest Records in Georgia

Georgia Statute 50-18-70, also known as the Georgia Open Records Act, designates most criminal and arrest records as part of Georgia public records, which can be accessed by anyone for personal or professional reasons. This means that any adult arrest or conviction can appear on a background check unless the matter has been sealed or expunged by the court.

Law enforcement agencies and the courts must make reasonable efforts to provide the public access to records; however, there are some limitations on what can and cannot be disclosed. Criminal records that agencies are not required to disclose include:

  • Police reports, with the exception of record of arrest and charges, until after the matter is no longer pending in court.
  • Juvenile records.
  • Mugshots cannot be published on a website per Georgia Statute Chapter 1, Title 35, Section 50-18-72; therefore, there is no arrest mugshot database accessible to the public.
  • Records that have been sealed or expunged pursuant to a court’s order.

Certain information may also be redacted or removed from the record such as the names and addresses of victims or personally identifying data on witnesses. Knowing how to check if someone has a criminal record can show how to know if I have been charged with a crime or how to find out what someone was arrested for.

The Difference Between Criminal Records vs Arrest Records in Georgia

When a person is accused of committing a crime in Georgia, that individual may be arrested and placed in jail until they can make a bond or until a hearing is held in the matter.

Arrest records in Georgia show the date a person was taken into custody, where the person is being held, and the charges or accusations against the person.

Arrest records may also contain a description of the individual, including age, race, gender, and any identifying marks, scars or tattoos.1

Criminal records, on the other hand, contain much more than arrest records. Georgia criminal records contain all the same elements of an arrest record, but criminal records also include information about disposition of the case.

Disposition includes whether the matter was dismissed or dropped, if the person was acquitted or found guilty, and data about sentencing. It will also include information about the court’s jurisdiction and the prosecutor in the matter.1

Individuals conducting a background check need to be aware that an arrest record lacks enough information to be used for official purposes.

In other words, since an arrest record only shows a person was accused of a crime, it is not the same as a criminal record that shows a conviction. Businesses and agencies will not consider an arrest record when making hiring decisions.

How To Search Recent Arrests & See Why Someone Is in Jail (Georgia)

Many people like to know how to find out someone’s charges in jail, or who’s in jail, but don’t know where to start. The first place a person should start looking for arrest records in Georgia is to check with the local law enforcement agency in their area.

Many sheriff’s offices maintain the jail for their county, and some cities also have municipal jails where arrestees are held pending trial. Some jails publish periodic lists of inmates on the official website so the public can search for who is in jail.

How To Search County Arrest Records in GA (Mugshots & Inmate Lookup Tools by County)

The county jail maintained by the local sheriff’s office is the first place a person should start when looking for arrest records. When searching the sheriff’s office website, individuals should look for a link titled inmate roster and search for inmate or inmate information.

Clicking that link will take the searcher to either a list of all those currently being held, or to a search form where a name-based search can be conducted.

Arrest records in Georgia are public, but publication of mugshots is prohibited by Georgia Statute Chapter 1, Title 35, Section 50-18-72.15 Therefore, law enforcement agencies are barred from posting a copy of the arrestee’s mugshot along with the jail roster.

Mugshots can only be published for individuals convicted of a crime, not those pending hearings on charges and arrests. Daily arrests, current arrests, and arrest reports will contain a written description of the person taken into custody.

The table below lists all the county sheriff’s offices that provide a jail roster or inmate electronic search portal or online directory.

Clicking the link will take individuals directly to the roster or to the page where the roster can be accessed.

County Jail Inmate Search Jail or Sheriff Phone Number Mugshots Available?
Banks County Sheriff’s Office 706-677-2248 X
Bartow County Sheriff’s Office 770-382-5050 X
Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Office 229-426-5160 X
Berrien County Sheriff’s Office 229-686-7664 X
Bibb County Sheriff’s Office 478-746-9441 X
Bryan County Sheriff’s Office 912-653-3800 X
Burke County Sheriff’s Office 706-554-2133 X
Camden County Sheriff’s Office 912-510-5100 X
Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office 706-935-2424 X
Chatham County Sheriff’s Office 912-652-7734 X
Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office 706-857-3411 X
Clayton County Sheriff’s Office 770-471-1122 X
Cobb County Sheriff’s Office 770-499-4600 X
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office 706-541-1042 X
Dawson County Sheriff’s Office 706-344-3535 X
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office 404-298-8145 X
Decatur County Sheriff’s Office 229-248-3050 X
Dodge County Sheriff’s Office 478-559-1130 X
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office 770-942-4333 X
Echols County Sheriff’s Office 229-671-3000 X
Effingham County Sheriff’s Office 912-754-9715 X
Fannin County Sheriff’s Office 706-632-2045 X
Fayette County Sheriff’s Office 770-716-4720 X
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office 770-781-2222 X
Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office 706-635-8911 X
Glynn County Sheriff’s Office 912-554-7590 X
Gordon County Sheriff’s Office 706-629-1245 X
Habersham County Sheriff’s Office 706-839-0500 X
Jones County Sheriff’s Office 478-986-3489 X
Lamar County Sheriff’s Office 770-358-5159 X
Laurens County Sheriff’s Office 478-272-1522 X
Liberty County Sheriff’s Office 912-876-2131 X
Long County Sheriff’s Office 912-545-2118 X
Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office 706-864-0414 X
McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office 706-595-2040 X
McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office 912-437-6623 X
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office 478-994-7043 X
Newton County Sheriff’s Office 678-625-1403 X
Oconee County Sheriff’s Office 706-769-3930 X
Oglethorpe County Sheriff’s Office 706-743-8101 X
Paulding County Sheriff’s Office 770-443-3010 X
Pickens County Sheriff’s Office 706-253-8900 X
Pierce County Sheriff’s Office 912-449-2100 X
Rabun County Sheriff’s Office 706-782-3612 X
Richmond County Sheriff’s Office 706-821-1000 X
Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office 770-278-8000 X
Sumter County Sheriff’s Office 229-924-4094 X
Tift County Sheriff’s Office 229-388-6020 X
Turner County Sheriff’s Office 229-567-2401 X
Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office 478-945-2512 X
Union County Sheriff’s Office 706-439-6080 X
Upson County Sheriff’s Office 706-647-7411 X
Ware County Sheriff’s Office 912-287-4326 X
White County Sheriff’s Office 706-865-5177 X
Worth County Sheriff’s Office 229-776-8211 X

Not every sheriff’s office publishes an active inmate roster or has an online search. To see if someone is being held in that particular county, the searcher can call the jail or sheriff’s office directly and ask if a person has been arrested and why.

Smaller counties may not even have a jail in their county and contract with neighboring departments for housing inmates.

A screenshot from Richmond County Sheriff's office website online inmate inquiry page.
Source: Richmond County Sheriff’s Office16

The jails listed below do not publish arrest records in Georgia online, and searchers can call the sheriff’s office to find recent arrests in that county:

While sheriff’s offices are the first place a person should look for an arrestee in their area, some larger cities have municipal jails where inmates may be held until transferred to a county facility or until trial.

To conduct a jail inmate search, do the following:

  1. In a search engine on the computer, type “[county where the person lives or was arrested] Georgia jail inmate search.” For example, “Gwinnett County Georgia jail inmate search”.
  2. Look at the top results returned for the local sheriff’s office official website. This may be a .gov, .us or .org site, or it may be a .net or .com. It is important to double check and make sure it is the official website to get the most accurate results.
  3. Click the link online for an inmate roster or search, or call the sheriff’s office information line to request inmate information.
  4. For online searches, enter the inmate’s first and last name.

How To Find Recent Arrests & Mugshots via City Jail Searches (GA)

City jails may act as booking facilities or short-term holds, or the city jail may act in the same manner as the county jail, holding inmates until trial. Contacting the city police department is how to find recent arrests.

Examples of city jails in Georgia include the City of Atlanta, Department of Corrections (404-865-8001) and Kennesaw City Jail (770-427-5151).

Another way to find out if someone is in jail or what a person was arrested for is to hire a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman in Georgia can access jail records and help with the release of the arrestee pending a hearing in court.

Hiring an attorney can also help someone find a jail inmate and learn why that person was arrested.

Statewide Public Arrest Record Lookups in Georgia

Statewide arrest records can be requested through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation through the Georgia Crime Information Center as part of the overall criminal record check for background screenings that require fingerprinting.

A portion of the record check includes arrest data, including the agency that made the arrest, the date the person was taken into custody and the charges attached to the arrest.1

Learn How To Post Bail & Contact an Inmate in Any Georgia Jail

Now that the searcher knows how to find out if someone was arrested or how to find out if someone is in jail in Georgia, they can look into posting bail for the arrestee. By using the tables earlier in this article, individuals can search the county sheriff’s website for visitation and bond information or can call the phone number listed for the agency.

Jail administrators will provide information on the amount of bond and resources to help post bond.

Each jail has their own visitation hours, but all require that the individual visiting be over 18 years old, must be screened (especially for in person visits), and in many cases must make an appointment to visit a friend or family member in jail.

A bail bondsman is also a way to make contact with an inmate and help post bail or bond. Many sheriff’s office websites contain a list of licensed bail bondsmen in that area, and there are many advantages to hiring one when a loved one or friend is arrested.

Bail bondsmen also maintain a list of defense attorneys that can help with court matters. A bail bondsman may be a way to locate and post bond on an inmate, but they are not required.

Bondsmen can help when the family does not have the necessary means to post bond themselves and need assistance.2

The attorney can help get the individual released on a written promise to appear in court without having to post bail. An attorney can also make sure the arrestee’s rights are protected at the beginning of the process and let the family know about visitation and inmate contact.3

How To View Criminal Records in Georgia

Criminal records can be accessed through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) for employment and licensure purposes while the next section below is for personal searches.4, 5

There are multiple LiveScan locations throughout the state for individuals to obtain official fingerprints for a statewide and nationwide background.

Agencies must complete a LiveScan request form and schedule a fingerprinting appointment through the GCIC Georgia Applicant Processing Services website. Agencies must also have a registered account.

Criminal histories through GBI GCIC require payment of a fee depending on the type of record requested. For example, a statewide check for employment or licensure is $30, but a national check is $43.25.

Screenings for volunteers are $28 for a statewide check and $39.25. There is an additional charge of $8.25 per record if it is processed through GAPS.

A screenshot of Georgia's Office of the Attorney General website showing the Georgia crime information center page and a search bar.
Source: Georgia Bureau of Investigation17

GBI only handles official employment and licensure screenings, not personal criminal history requests. Individuals seeking their own criminal history can request one from the local sheriff or police department.

Some agencies have an online request portal, but most require the individual to request the records in person and pay the fee at the law enforcement agency.

Using the tables above, individuals can call the sheriff’s office to learn about personal criminal history checks, how to obtain one, and what fees are required.

A screenshot of Georgia Judicial Gateway website showing different services, and an arrow pointing to the E-File Court Records.
Source: Georgia Judicial Gateway18

To search court criminal history of a resident, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Administrative Office of the Courts website on your computer.
  2. Click the picture under E-Access to Court Records.
  3. Select the county where the court case was heard.
  4. Log into or register with PeachCourt (the judicial branch’s online public records repository).6
  5. Search by case number, county or defendant name.
  6. PeachCourt searches also require payment of a fee depending on the record or records requested.
  7. Name-based searches can show if the person appeared in different courts in the state for various matters.

How To Use a County’s Court Case Access To Search Georgia Criminal Records

Another way to access court records is to go to the county courthouse and use the public terminals maintained by the clerk’s office. The table below lists contact information for each county as well as the location of the courthouse.

The clerk of court maintains all the records and makes those legally authorized for public release accessible.

County Criminal Record Court Search Through the Clerk of Court’s Office County Courthouse Address Phone Number
Appling County 36 South Main Street
Baxley Georgia 31513
Atkinson County 19 Robert Avenue West
Pearson Georgia 31642
Bacon County 502 West 12th Street
Alma Georgia 31510
Baker County 167 Baker Place
Newton Georgia 39870
Baldwin County 121 North Wilkinson Street, Ste Number 109
Milledgeville Georgia 31061
Banks County 144 Yonah-Home Rd, Ste 8
Homer Georgia 30547
Barrow County 652 Barrow Pk Dr, Ste B
Wider Georgia 30680
Bartow County 135 West Cherokee Avenue, Ste 233
Cartersville Georgia 30120
Ben Hill County 115 S Sheridan Street
Fitzgerald Georgia 31750
Berrien County 201 North Davis St, Rm 230
Nashville Georgia 31639
Bibb County 601 Mulberry Street
Macon Georgia 31201
Bleckley County 112 North 2nd Street
Cochran Georgia 31014
Brantley County 117 Brantley Street
Nahunta Georgia 31553
Brooks County 1 Screven St, Ste 6
Quitman Georgia 31643
Bryan County 201 Main St, Ste 3104
Hinesville GA 31313
Bulloch County 20 Siebald St
Statesboro Georgia 30458
Burke County 200 E 6th St
Waynesboro Georgia 30830
Butts County 625 W 3rd Street, Ste 10
Jackson Georgia 30233
Calhoun County 31 Court St
Morgan Georgia 39866
Camden County 210 East 4th Street
Woodbine Georgia 31569
Candler County 35 Southwest Broad Street, Number C
Metter Georgia 30439
Carroll County 311 Newman Street
Carrollton Georgia 30117
Catoosa County 875 Lafayette Street, Number 205
Ringgold Georgia 30736
Charlton County 1520 3rd Street
Folkston Georgia 31537
Chatham County 133 Montgomery St, Ste 304
Savannah Georgia 31401
Chattahoochee County 377 Broad Street
Cusseta Georgia 31805
Chattooga County 10035 Commerce Street
Summerville Georgia 30747
Cherokee County 90 North Street
Canton Georgia 30114
Clarke County 325 E Washington St, Ste 400
Athens Georgia 30601
Clay County 210 Washington St S, Ste 3
Fort Gaines, Georgia 39851
229-768 2631
Clayton County 9151 Tara Blvd
Jonesboro Georgia 30236
Clinch County 25 Court Sq, Ste C
Homerville Georgia 31634
Cobb County 70 Haynes St
Marietta Georgia 30090
Coffee County 101 South Peterson Avenue, Ste B 18
Douglas Georgia 31533
Colquitt County 9 S Main Street, Floor 2, Rm 214
Moultrie Georgia 31768
Columbia County 640 Ronald Reagan Dr
Evans Georgia 30809
Cook County 212 N Hutchinson Ave
Adel GA 31620
Coweta County 72 Greenville Street
Newnan Georgia 30263
Crawford County 100 Georgia Highway, 42 S
Knoxville Georgia 31050
Crisp County 510 N 7th Ave
Cordale Georgia 31015
Dade County 255 W Crabtree St, Ste 103
Trenton Georgia 30752
Dawson County 25 Justice Wy, Ste 1302
Dawsonville Georgia 30534
DeKalb County 556 North McDonough St
Decatur GA 30030
Decatur County 112 W Water St
Bainbridge GA 39817
Dodge County 643 Pearl Bates Ave
Eastman Georgia 31023
Dooly County 104 South Second St
Vienna Georgia 31092
Dougherty County 225 Pine Avenue, Suite 126
Albany Georgia 31701
Douglas County 8700 Hospital Drive
Douglasville Georgia 30134
Early County 204 Court Sq
Blakely Georgia 39823
Echols County 110 Highway 94 East
Statenville Georgia 31648
Effingham County 700 North Pine St
Springfield Georgia 31329
Elbert County 12 S Oliver St
Elberton Georgia 30635
Emanuel County 125 South Main St
Swainsboro Georgia 30401
Evans County 123 W Main St
Claxton Georgia 30417
Fannin County 400 W Main St
Blue Ridge Georgia 30513
Fayette County 1 Center Dr
Fayetteville GA 30214
Floyd County Three Government Plz, Ste 101
Rome Georgia 30161
Forsyth County 101 E Courthouse Sq, Floor 1, Ste 1007
Cumming Georgia 30040
Franklin County 9592 Lavonia Rd
Carnesville Georgia 30521
Fulton County 136 Pryor St, Ste C-155
Atlanta Georgia 30303
Gilmer County 1 Broad St, Ste 106
Ellijay Georgia 30540
Glascock County 64 E Main Street
Gibson Georgia 30810
Glynn County 701 H St, Floor 1
Brunswick Georgia 31520
Gordon County 101 S Piedmont St, Floor 1, Suite 11
Calhoun Georgia 30701
Grady County 250 N Broad St
Cairo Georgia 39828
Greene County 1034 Silver Dr, Ste 103
Greensboro Georgia 30642
Gwinnett County 75 Langley Dr
Lawrenceville Georgia 30046
Habersham County 295 Llewellyn St, Ste 224
Clarkesville Georgia 30523
Hall County 225 Green St Southeast
Gainesville Georgia 30501
Hancock County 12630 Broad St
Sparta Georgia 31087
Haralson County 4485 Georgia Highway 120
Buchanan Georgia 30113
Harris County 102 College St
Hamilton Georgia 31811
Hart County 185 West Franklin St
Hartwell Georgia 30643
Heard County 215 E Court Sq
Franklin Georgia 30217
Henry County 44 John Frank Ward Boulevard
McDonough Georgia 30253
Houston County 201 North Perry Pkwy
Perry GA 31069
Irwin County 301 South Irwin Avenue, Suite 103
Ocilla Georgia 31774
Jackson County 5000 Jackson Pkwy, Ste 150
Jefferson Georgia 30549
Jasper County 126 West Greene St, Ste 18
Monticello Georgia 31064
Jeff Davis County 14 Jeff Davis Street
Hazlehurst Georgia 31539
Jefferson County 217 E Broad Street
Louisville Georgia 30434
Jenkins County Harvey St
Millen Georgia 30442
Johnson County 2557 E Elm Street
Wrightsville Georgia 31096
Jones County 110 South Jefferson St
Gray Georgia 31032
Lamar County 326 Thomaston St
Barnesville Georgia 30204
Lanier County 56 West Main Street, Suite 5
Lakeland Georgia 31635
Laurens County 101 North Jefferson St
Dublin Georgia 31040
Lee County 100 Leslie Hwy
Leesburg GA 31763
Liberty County 201 S Main St, Ste 1200
Hinesville GA 31313
Lincoln County 210 Humphrey St
Lincolnton GA 30817
Long County 459 McDonald St
Ludowici GA 31419
Lowndes County 327 North Ashley Street, Floor 1
Valdosta Georgia 31601
Lumpkin County 325 Riley Rd, Rm 108
Dahlonega Georgia 30533
Macon County 121 South Sumter St
Oglethorpe GA 31068
Madison County 91 Albany Avenue
Danielsville Georgia 30633
Marion County 100 East Buckhalter Avenue
Buena Vista Georgia 31803
McDuffie County 210 Railroad St
Thomson Georgia 30824
McIntosh County 310 North Wy
Darien Georgia 31305
Meriwether County 100 N Court Sq
Greenville Georgia 30222
Miller County 115 S First St
Colquitt Georgia 39837
Mitchell County 11 W Broad St, Rm 109
Camilla Georgia 31730
Monroe County 1 Courthouse Sq
Forsyth GA 31029
Montgomery County 400 South Railroad Ave
Mount Vernon, Georgia 30445
Morgan County 384 Hancock St
Madison Georgia 30650
Murray County 121 North 3rd Avenue
Chatsworth Georgia 30705
Muscogee County 100 10th St, Second Floor Tower
Columbus Georgia 31901
Newton County 1132 Usher St
Covington GA 30014
Oconee County 23 N Main St, Rm 208
Watkinsville Georgia 30677
Oglethorpe County 111 W Main St
Lexington Georgia 30648
Paulding County 280 Constitution Blvd, Rm 1023
Dallas Georgia 30132
Peach County 213 Persons St
Ft Valley, Georgia 31030
Pickens County 50 N Main St
Jasper Georgia 30143
Pierce County 312 Nichols St
Blackshear Georgia 31516
Pike County 16001 Barnesville Street
Zebulon Georgia 30295
Polk County 100 Prior Street
Cedartown Georgia 30125
Pulaski County 141 Commerce St
Hawkinsville Georgia 31036
Putnam County 100 S Jefferson Ave, Ste 236
Eatonton Georgia 31024
Quitman County 111 Main St, Ste 2
Georgetown Georgia 39854
Rabun County 25 Courthouse Sq, Ste 105
Clayton Georgia 30525
Randolph County 93 Front St, Rm 118
Cuthbert Georgia 39840
Richmond County 735 James Brown Blvd, Ste 1500
Augusta Georgia 30901
Rockdale County 922 Court Street
Conyers Georgia 30012
Schley County 47 North Pecan Street
Ellaville Georgia 31806
Screven County 216 Mims Rd
Sylvania Georgia 30467
Seminole County 200 S Knox Avenue
Donalsonville Georgia 39845
Spalding County 132 East Solomon Street
Griffin Georgia 30223
Stephens County 70 North Alexander Street, Ste 202
Toccoa Georgia 30577
Stewart County 1764 Broad St
Lumpkin Georgia 31815
Sumter County 500 W Lamar St
Americus Georgia 31709
Talbot County 26 South Washington Ave
Talbotton Georgia 31827
Taliaferro County 113 Monument St
Crawfordville GA 30631
Tattnall County 111 N Main St
Reidsville Georgia 30453
Taylor County Courthouse Sq
Butler Georgia 31006
Telfair County 19 Oak St, Ste C
McRae Georgia 31055
Terrell County 499 Roundtree Dr
Dawson Georgia 39842
Thomas County 325 N Madison St
Thomasville Georgia 31799
Tift County 237 East Second St
Tifton Georgia 31793
Toombs County 100 Courthouse Sq
Lyons Georgia 30436
Towns County 48 River St, Ste E
Hiawassee Georgia 30546
Treutlen County 639 2nd Street S, Ste 301
Soperton Georgia 30457
Troup County 100 Ridley Ave, Ste 1600
LaGrange Georgia 30240
Turner County 219 East College Avenue
Ashburn Georgia 31714
Twiggs County 425 Railroad St N
Jeffersonville Georgia 31044
Union County 65 Courthouse Street
Blairsville Georgia 30512
Upson County 1 Center Dr
Fayetteville Georgia 30214
Walker County 103 S Duke St
LaFayette Georgia 30728
Walton County 303 South Hammond Drive
Monroe Georgia 30655
Ware County 800 Church St, Ste 124
Waycross Georgia 31501
Warren County 521 Main St
Warrenton Georgia 30828
Washington County 132 West Haynes St
Sandersville Georgia 31082
Wayne County 174 North Brunswick Street
Jesup Georgia 31546
Webster County 6330 Hamilton St, Rm 102
Preston Georgia 31824
Wheeler County 16 West Pearl St, Ste 101
Alamo Georgia 30411
White County 59 S Main Street, Ste B
Cleveland Georgia 30528
Whitfield County 205 North Selvidge St
Dalton Georgia 30720
Wilcox County 103 N Broad St
Abbeville GA 31001
Wilkes County 23 Court Street, Room 205
Washington Georgia 30673
Wilkinson County 100 Bacon St
Irwinton Georgia 31042
Worth County 201 North Main St, Rm Number 13
Sylvester Georgia 31791

While the county clerk can point individuals in the right direction to find court records, the county clerk is not the court record repository. County clerks can act as a people finder verifying addresses and property holdings.

Searchers seeking Georgia criminal records should go through the clerk of court’s office first rather than the county clerk because the county clerk responsibilities involve property listings and taxes more than criminal records.

Complete Statewide Criminal Record Search via the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Applicant Processing System & Local Law Enforcement

The Georgia Applicant Processing System (GAPS) maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the source for an official fingerprint-based criminal record search in the state. GBI searches include state-only records and a national criminal history search or rap sheet.

It is important to note that GBI does not conduct name-based searches. A name-based search must be initiated through the local police or sheriff’s department.

For a name-based statewide search, the person requesting the information must go to the local law enforcement agency to make the request and pay the fees set forth by the department. Fees will vary from county to county depending on the local government rules and policies.

A screenshot of Georgia Technology Authority website's homepage showing different buttons of the services offered.
Source: Georgia Technology Authority19

For official fingerprint-based criminal history, searchers must do the following:

  • Agencies or businesses obtain a GAPS account number to use when requesting a criminal history.
  • Log into the business or agency account on the GAPS website. If the agency does not yet have an account, one can be requested at this step. Once an account is active, log in to schedule fingerprinting.
  • Schedule fingerprinting at any LiveScan location in the state.
  • After the individual has completed the fingerprinting, the agency or business can log back into GAPS and review the state or national criminal history, depending on which was requested.1

Anyone can also access Georgia felony records through the Georgia Felon Search portal maintained by the Georgia Technology Authority. There is a $15 fee per search that can be paid online with a credit or debit card.

A screenshot from Georgia Technology Authority website's Felon Search page showing an empty search information form.
Source: Georgia Technology Authority20

To run a felony search, complete the steps listed below:

  1. Open the official felony record repository in Georgia.
  2. Read and accept the disclaimer.
  3. Enter the information on the offender, such as last name, first name, date of birth, sex and race, into the form that opens up into the GBI website.
  4. Key in the information for the person being searched, specifically the person’s first and last name.
  5. Add payment information.
  6. Complete the requester information section with the email address, reason for search and how the person learned about the site.
  7. Click accept to complete the search.
  8. Within a few minutes, the results will be sent to the searcher’s email.

How To Obtain a Copy of Criminal Records in Georgia Through Various Law Enforcement Agencies

While the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the go-to source for fingerprint-based criminal records in the state, individuals are directed to the local law enforcement agency in their area for a state-wide name-based search.

To get a copy of Georgia criminal records, searchers would need to go to the local department or check out the department’s website for a records request.

For example, the Atlanta Police Department requires individuals to mail a notarized criminal history check request form, a copy of a government-issued identification and $10 to the following address:

Atlanta Police Department – Attention: APD Identification Unit
3493 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway
Atlanta Georgia 303317

Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, on the other hand, requires individuals to appear in person at the Cobb County Jail to submit a request for a criminal history or background check. Individuals must present a valid government-issued ID to obtain the record and pay a fee of 25 cents per page for local records and $20 per sheet.

There is an additional charge of $3 for all transactions and a 3% fee of the total cost for all credit card transactions.8

Each department sets its own protocols for obtaining a criminal history, and fees vary from department to department. Some departments do offer fingerprinting services as well, but most defer to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for fingerprint-based criminal histories.

A screenshot from the Georgia Applicant Processing Services website's homepage showing different services such as the fingerprint locations, applicant registration, and GAPS agency log in.
Source: GAPS Georgia Applicant Processing Services21

Fees for online GAPS checks through the GBI are:

  • State only (electronic): $38.25
  • State only (paper copy): $46.25
  • State and federal (electronic): $51.50
  • State and federal (paper copy): $59.50
  • Volunteer state only (electronic): $36.25
  • Volunteer state only (paper copy): $44.25
  • Volunteer state and federal (electronic): $47.50
  • Volunteer state and federal (paper copy): $55.50

Criminal histories in Georgia include adult criminal matters that have not been expunged including arrest records and disposition of case.

How To Search Probation or Parole Records in Georgia

Sometimes, a person is released from jail following a hearing and placed on probation. Individuals can also be released from prison before the completion of their sentence on parole.

In both cases, these individuals are still supervised by law enforcement agencies specifically tasked with monitoring those convicted but not placed in custody.

To conduct a probation search in Georgia, employers or landlords must start at the local courthouse or sheriff’s department. Individuals can submit a court record through PeachCourts’ E-Access to Court Records.

This name-based search will show the case disposition, including supervised or unsupervised probation.

Supervised probation simply means a person has a probation officer they must check in with at certain intervals. Unsupervised probation means the person has been ordered to pay fines or fees and possibly complete community service, but they do not have to check in with the probation office.

Local law enforcement can also provide probation information via name-based searches on offenders. Requests must be made in accordance with the specific agencies’ policies and guidelines.

A screenshot from Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles' Parole board page showing a dropdown and an arrow locating the link directory to the Parolee Database.
Source: State Board of Pardons and Paroles22

Parole inquiries can be made online through the Georgia State Board of Pardons & Paroles. To check your parole status, follow the steps here:

1. Open the Board of Pardons & Parole website on your device.
2. Select Parolee Database under Field Services.
3. Enter the subject’s name. Last name only is sufficient to return a list of parolees in Georgia with that name.
4. Click View on the list to see details of the parolees’ release. This will include the following data:

a. Mugshot of offender
b. Subject’s name and address
c. Demographics on the person
d. Date parole was granted
e. Date parole expires
f. Parole office location and number
g. Charges that resulted in incarceration

5. Listing will also show if the person has violated parole and is wanted by law enforcement.9

As with any criminal records, matters that have been sealed or expunged will not show up on a Georgia criminal records check or Georgia arrest records. Further guidance on running parole searches in Georgia can be reviewed for a seamless lookup.

How To Seal or Expunge a Criminal Record in Georgia: A Step-by-Step Guide

Per Georgia Statute 35-3-37, courts can order records to be restricted (sealed from public view), meaning they will not show up on official state or national criminal history searches, but they may still be accessed through the county courthouse.10

To be eligible for restriction, the charges must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Charges resulted in non-conviction by dismissal or dropped charges
  • First-time felony or serious misdemeanor conviction (non-violent felonies only)
  • The trial resulted in acquittal
  • Convicted of a misdemeanor, completed terms of sentencing and have not had another charge within the past 4 years

The process to restrict a record in Georgia is as follows:

  1. Obtain a copy of your criminal record from the local sheriff’s office or police department.
  2. Petition the court to restrict the record for charges that meet the criteria for removal from public record.
  3. For cases that were tried before 1 July 2013, obtain a Request to Restrict Arrest Record form from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Complete Section 1 on the form. Submit the form directly to the arresting agency.
  4. The agency must complete Section 2 and forward it to the prosecutor’s office.
  5. The prosecutor approves or denies the application.
  6. For convictions after 1 July 2013, contact the prosecutor’s office directly to request record restriction. The prosecutor’s office can accept the Request to Restrict Arrest Record form directly from the defendant without having to submit it to the arresting agency.
  7. The prosecution then makes a determination of whether or not the record should be restricted.
  8. The arresting agency can charge a fee to process the application; however, the fee cannot exceed $50.11
  9. Once the record restriction is marked approved, individuals should mail their approval to the following address along with a $25 processing fee.

Georgia Crime Information Center – Record Restrictions
Post Office Box 370808
Decatur Georgia 30037-0808

A screenshot from Goergia Bureau of Investigation website's Criminal History Record Restrictions page and a search bar.
Source: Georgia Bureau of Investigation23

Restricting records removes them from use on employment and licensure background checks, but local courts may still make the information available to the public via court records. Law enforcement agencies will remove the arrest data from the department’s public records when approved for restriction.11

How To Locate State & Federal Prisoners in Georgia

Georgia has seven total federal correctional facilities (five prisons and two work camps), and 37 state correctional facilities. Inmate information is considered a public record.

A screenshot from Federal Bureau of Prisons website showing the find an inmate search page.
Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons24

To search for federal inmates in a Georgia prison, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Bureau of Prisons website.
  2. Click Find an Inmate under Inmates in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select Find by Name on the inmate locator that opens.
  4. Enter the person’s first and last name and click Search.
  5. Either a single record will be returned from the search criteria or a list of records for all those with the same name that have been incarcerated in the federal system.
  6. If a list of names is returned, scroll through the list to find the subject of the search. If the person is still in federal custody, the name of the Georgia federal prison will appear in the list.

To find a state inmate in the Georgia correctional system, complete the following:

  1. Open the Georgia Department of Corrections website.
  2. Look for and click the offender search link on the homepage.
  3. Read the disclaimer and agree to the terms to go to the search page.
  4. Enter the person’s name and click Submit.
  5. A list of everyone with that name will be generated, showing the charges and current location.
  6. Click View Offender Info to see more details and a mugshot of the inmate.
A screenshot from Georgia Department of Correction website's Find an Offender page showing an empty search by name or description form.
Source: GDC25

How To Run a Georgia Warrant Search (See Who’s Wanted)

It’s also necessary to know how to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest in Georgia. Warrant searches can be conducted by contacting the sheriff’s office in the county where the person resides for state charges.

How to know if you have been charged with a crime is one way to find out.

To conduct a warrant search in Georgia, call the local sheriff’s department or police station to find out what that agency’s procedures are for getting warrant information. Each department sets its own protocols for disclosing warrant information.

A screenshot from the Appling County Sheriff's Office website's warrant list page shows several names with charges.
Source: Appling County Sheriff’s Office26

For example, the Appling County Sheriff’s Office publishes a warrant list online, but the Atlanta Police Department does not. Individuals can call the county sheriff’s office to see if there is a warrant out for their arrest.12

The tables above provide contact information for all the county sheriff’s offices in Georgia. Sheriff’s offices will not charge a fee to provide information on active warrants, and law enforcement encourages individuals with warrants to turn themselves in so they can clear the matter.

Federal warrants are entered into the Warrant Information System maintained by the US Marshal’s Office. This database is available to law enforcement only and cannot be accessed by the public.

The US Marshal Service does publish a list of the Top 15 Most Wanted by the federal government on its website.13

Georgia Background Checks at a Glance

There are several agencies in Georgia that either complete background checks or require one to conduct business through the agency or volunteer. The table below lists the agencies that require or complete background checks in Georgia:

Agency That Performs or Requires Background Checks Screening Reasons
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • Official employment or licensure fingerprint-based screenings
Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Adult day center workers
  • Assisted living workers
  • Home health providers
  • Hospice employees
  • Intermediate care providers
  • Nursing home care providers
  • Personal care providers
  • Private in-home care workers.
Georgia Secretary of State Licensing Division
  • Veterinarians
  • Athletic agents
  • Athletic commissioners
  • Auctioneers
  • Barbers
  • Cosmetologists
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Engineers
  • HVAC contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbing professionals
  • Residential contractors
  • General contractors
  • Utility workers
  • Immigration assistants
  • Library workers
  • Counselors
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Landscapers
  • Geology workers
  • Trauma scene clean-up managers
  • Water treatment workers
  • Embalmers
  • Funeral home directors
  • Used car dealers
  • Used car part dealers
  • Chiropractors
  • Dietitians
  • Nurses
  • Podiatrists
  • Optometrists
Georgia Composite Medical Board
  • Medical doctors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Cosmetic laser providers
  • Physician assistants
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Nurse practitioners
Georgia Department of Human Services
  • Social workers/child protective workers
  • Foster parents
  • Child care providers
  • Volunteers
  • Adoptions

Background checks by these agencies look for disqualifying offenses such as convictions for sexual crimes in Georgia.

How To Check Your Neighborhood Using the Georgia Sex Offender Registry

Georgia’s state sex offender registry is maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and is available to the public online. To search the misdemeanor and felony registry of convicted sex offenders, follow the steps listed here:

  • Navigate to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry website.
  • Click the Sex Offender Search Page located midway down the page.
  • Read and agree to the conditions of use listed on the page.
  • Key in the code on the page and click Continue.
  • Enter the subject’s first and last name.
  • The registry will display a list of individuals with that name or a name that closely resembles the information entered.
  • Click on the name beside the mugshot to get more details about the subject. Information provided includes name and aliases, gender, year the person was born, last known address, physical description, the date the person was convicted and the crime committed, and the state where the conviction occurred.14
A screenshot from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation website's Sex Offender Registry page, which shows different faces of offenders and an empty search form.
Source: Georgia Sex Offender Registry27

Individuals can also access Georgia sex offender data through the National Sex Offender Registry by conducting a name search or searching by state.

A screenshot from Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website's sex offender search page showing an empty new search form.
Source: United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website28

Selecting Georgia as the state on the National Registry site will allow people to look for offenders by name or geographic location within Georgia.

A screenshot showing an offender search results showing the offender's name, age, aliases and address from the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website.
Source: United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website28

An Overview of Georgia Laws on Criminal & Arrest Records

Per Georgia Statute 50-18-70, Georgia Open Records Act, all GA criminal records are considered public records and can be accessed upon request by anyone with some limitations.

If a defendant has petitioned the court to restrict the record and the restriction has been granted, the record cannot appear on an employment or licensure background check as outlined in Georgia Statute 35-3-37.

The record may, however, still be accessed at the local court house even when it has been restricted.

The majority of juvenile records are sealed and can only be viewed pursuant to a court order by those with a very strict need-to-know basis unless the juvenile has been convicted of a certain designated felony outlined by Georgia Statute 15-11-700, also referred to as serious, violent felony offenses.

Georgia has not passed a state-wide ban the box law prohibiting making inquiries about criminal history during the application process; however, employment candidates are protected by federal laws such as anti-discrimination laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, which prohibits looking at non-convictions more than seven years old.

Georgia Statute Chapter 1, Title 35, Section 50-18-72 also makes it unlawful for police or sheriff’s departments to publish mugshots of individuals awaiting trial. Mugshots can only be published once a conviction has occurred in criminal court.

Knowing where to look and how to access criminal history is key to knowing if the prospective employee or tenant is a good fit. This brief resource provides guidance on accessing Georgia criminal records and arrest records in Georgia for personal and professional use.


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